Everyday Flowers by Prune

Flowers have been such an ethereal part of my life. I started picking flowers from the age of one, West Indian Lantana was my first flower. A very adaptive specie, which can inhabit a wide variety of ecosystems. It first spread out of America when it was brought to Europe by Dutch explorers and cultivated widely, soon spreading further into Asia and Oceania where it has established itself as a notorious weed, and in Goa it was introduced by the Portuguese.

Taking a break after seven years to Udaipur in Rajasthan, India was all the light I needed in my life. As I wore Prune flowers in my hair each day, strangers came by magically appreciating them. 

The Wild Flowers and The Domesticated 

Udaipur has such uniqueness of colors in wild flowers, finding West Indian Lantana in shades of Pink and Yellow, adding them to my hair. All properties take an effort to beautify with their own garden flowers. Often found as Bonsai, the desert rose has many names: Impala Lily, Kudu Lily, Mock Azalea, Sabi Star and goes by the botanical name Adenium Obesum. There is something magical in the air, water and soil of Udaipur, flowers here are healthier and happier. West Indian Lantana was spread across all mountain trails whereas Desert Rose was predominant in my Hotel and Jagmandir Palace, Udaipur



It takes me a couple of years to launch something new, it is just an internal part of my own process. Prune has a core value of heritage and legacy to go from generation to generation. As I want only the best products for both you and me, I take my own time for research and development. 

This is the first time I decided to wear Prune in public and see how people would embrace it.

I matched the flowers at Sahelion-Ki-Baari, Monsoon palace was in glee 



Jagmandir, City Palace, Lake Pichola and our tour guide loved our vibe.



Fellow tourist women appreciated me, showered me with compliments. An Udaipur local, Aakanksha Luthra called me a piece of art. Airport ground and flight staff including men said "Ye acha lag raha hai"

Life in real is different, I am a shy girl. My flowers empower me but the real empowering came from all these women and men, strangers complimenting me.

I felt like a delicate piece of art from within  


Everyday flower has been my dream, my own power to survive this life. These most delicate things have filled my life with a power unexplainable in words, an abundant energy which is only felt from within. As I carried these in my hair for you, filling up all land, water and air with a delicate magic only felt with closed eyes and wide smiles. 

As I drove around Udaipur wearing my own flowers, getting out of my own limiting beliefs, crossing the barriers of my own upbringing. Would you believe if I told you I am often told to be a certain way, look a certain way and behave a certain way? 

Is this a part of our culture or history or our being, we the women who create everything from the being of mankind to nourishing are suppressed by our own each day.

Prune has been my shine, my resilience, my dream towards freedom and power of being, the purpose I was created for. As I embraced this from within me, I offer you the same power of feeling content, a delicate art and warrior all within. Feel it with me, with closed eyes and the hugest smile, embrace it with me. A happiness that fills your eyes with shimmering light and reaches the brain.  

For you, From me - We all are the delicate art within



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