About Us

We at Prune India, are on a collective journey of witnessing every woman's bridal dream. The appreciation of craftsmanship. And the relationship between flowers and weddings we have inherited. Our products are handcrafted and customized for you. We wish to build a bridge across the sea of creativity that we share with Mother Nature. And it is why we imbibe sustainability in everything we do.

We like to set examples and develop initiatives to make the world a better place. So every time a Prune bride gets hitched, we plant a tree. We believe in the collective good and thrive to make a change around us. 

And how did we begin? 

I could pick flowers by their names even before I learned to spell my own. I discovered flowers when I was a child, picking up wild flora on the way home from my caretaker's house.

Home became a depositary of flowers spending their last days in my bedroom under the window, before they slept between notebooks, carefully folded and tucked in.

Growing up, I could never trace Beeji on our family tree - a distant grandmother who lived in Himachal. But her love traveled down the hills and into the plains - to our lives.

She preferred flowers over postcards, and sometimes, a bunch of foxtail nuts and dry fruits sewed on a cotton thread that she would hang from dry coconut.

Beeji crafted the first pair of kaleeras I ever saw - a discovery that years later, led me to buy some gota and flowers to design my first batch of floral jewellery.

Born out of the overwhelming love in Indian weddings, the journey of my elder sisters becoming brides and blessed by the unconditional love of a distant grandmother.



 "Dear Leesha, it's heartwarming to read your journey in words and I am proud to see that my mother inspired you in so many ways. Blessings and Good wishes" - Beeji's daughter.