At Prune, we believe in the power of community. 
 To the hands that caress our flowers 
and turn them into love songs
To nature, who still sings lullabies
and allows us to sleep on her lap
despite her voice growing quieter
We put our hand back, pull them up
and hold their hands,
if they should ever struggle
We are a small business that runs community initiatives; in an attempt to help mother nature and her children- the people, in our own capacity.
A tree for a flower
For every piece of floral jewellery online that you purchase, we plant a tree in the name of the Prune bride. We urge you to be a part of this initiative, plant trees during your wedding- a tree for a flower.
Reducing carbon footprints
We ensure that our practices are sustainable and our packaging is eco-friendly. We are trying to build bridges to see that our raw materials are locally sourced for our floral jewellery and all other collections.
Heal with a meal
Our founder- Leesha Arora, was running a bistro from 2019 until the pandemic hit, and it had to shut down. Leesha had sown seeds of sustainability at her zero wastage cafe with recycling, composting, and replacing plastic water bottles with recycled glass bottles at her bistro and store. 
Despite the troubled times, Leesha and her staff at Prune India cooked over 500 meals in three months. Their contributions helped people stuck away from home, families of sanitation workers, plant vendors, guards, domestic workers, and daily wage earners.