For Your Bridal Glow

I was 10 years old when my first cousin sister got married. We have had a wedding in our family each year since then. My sisters never applied make-up in everyday life and neither did any of our mothers. 

I specifically remember my mother making a mummy out of me and my brother with 'Multani Mitti' on us each summer. It seemed ferocious to the kid but not today, today I feel grateful for it, inside out. 

Moving to Higher Secondary School and College, I tried everything to fit in because who is liked, not looking a certain way ? Seeing a girl put Kajal to just the outer rim of her lower eyelid enticed me and I was quick to follow, only to loose my natural eyelashes from the lower eyelid on both corners. Well if I went to a doctor or the skin and hair clinics they would have either given me medicines or fake ones, I stopped using the Kajal, saving the ones I am born with. 

Sustainability came to me in a very unusual way. When my parents were failing to understand the 'why' behind my dream to have a business I had to move out. Moving out got me to understand I couldn't even afford the basic things, and then came a question what is even basic ?  

Will you ask yourself a question for me ? Where did you learn about all these things, was it in the TV commercials, newspaper, a favorite celebrity or just someone you wanted to be like ?

It was all for me and mostly the people I fancied, I wanted to be them, liked by them and be liked by others like them. 

I lived a Delhi summer of 2017 with a toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo and that's it. Not able to install an air conditioner, I took a bath with bucket and mug, three or even four times a day to bring down my body temperature.

With a world addicted to air conditioning I am proud that my body can adjust to not having air conditioning all the time, saves me the electricity too !

Sustainability is a mindset, it is what you do for your own body and skin and then for the planet. You come first, ask yourself are you consuming mindfully for your self ?

I only apply to my skin what I can eat. Desi Ghee, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil. For years of prolonged ache, I consumed coconut water empty stomach. The make-up I own today is just one highlighter and two lipsticks. I have had 7 years of no make-up, facewash, sunscreen, night cream, serums etc. (Everything that is marketed commercially)

For the glow, I consume water with Kesar, different combinations of natural teas from my own garden like Mint and Ajwain. For a sore throat I eat raw ginger and consume lemongrass tea. 

Why am I writing this for you ?

I know you want to look and feel the best on your day, that is what each girl has dreamt off since birth, but are we taught about saving what we have and putting more into our own nourishment ?

For inner and outer glow I recommend

1. Not Bargaining - Give everyone what they deserve and ask for, try it once. If only one person can break this prolonged chain of negativity, it is YOU !

2. Keep a small note book - Write what you eat and at what time, see how you feel after that. Knowing your own body is the basic education we all need

3. Getting a small vendor to deliver fresh Coconut Water to your house - Have you ever considered how everything online, easy and plastic wrapped has taken over small local food business ?

4. Dry brushing before each bath and oil massages in winter

5. Eat local and seasonal 

6. Cook your own food - I couldn't even understand this before 2020 as I myself wanted to be a global entrepreneur but my own nourishment is my first foremost self love I am now committed to

7. Eat your food slow, easy and without distractions. I have lost a 10 kg body weight this year by this practice. I sit down on the floor with my legs folded, say thank you to my food, staying away from phone, television, music and all other activities, I eat savoring each grain and offering my gratitude for everything.

8. Walking a 100 - 500 steps after each meal, not consuming water after the meal and other drinks with any of my meals. Getting off sugar in all forms. 

9. Eating more fruits and not mixing fruits with other foods

This is a basic article from a basic person who has saved a lot of time, efforts and money by not falling into fads and just being basic. 

If you want me to recommend a few pages I follow online and the products I use, just Hola at me in the comments.

If this can bring a Natural Bridal glow to you, just you, my purpose will have wings !

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