When should I order my Floral Jewelry ?

For the last 10 years we have been getting this question, hereby solving this for generations to come. 

At Prune all floral jewelry is artificial flowers for now. When I started Prune, I wanted to offer a very real looking product which lasted longer, could be preserved afterwards and was easy to send across the globe. 

What is the best time to order from Prune ?

I highly recommend ordering 1.5 month in advance from your wedding date if you are in India and 2 month in advance for rest of the world. 

How long will my Flower jewelry last ? 

Our products stay as it is for a year when kept packed inside our packaging, kept away from water, sunlight and fire. The metals will loose their shine over a period of time and flowers will experience a shrinkage. 

What if I order 6 months in advance ?

I personally don't recommend ordering 6 months in advance for the following reasons

1. Flowers are fragile - If you'll try them more than once before your actual day, they will incur the basic wear and tear.

2. If not packed and kept correctly - the metals will loose the shine, flowers will incur shrinkage.

When is my floral jewelry made ?

Prune has a core value of providing the highest quality product and our own original designs only, your flower jewelry is made to order just for you after the order is placed on our website. 

Do you provide express shipping ?

We offer express shipping only in India, if you are short on time you can always reach us on Instagram or WhatsApp and we are happy to help as much as we can. For international brides, we have two stockiest at the moment in Australia and United Kingdom, for other countries we do try to ship in two workings days from India if you are short on time, please feel free to reach us on WhatsApp.  

Do you have a store in Delhi ?

We are only available online in India. We had a store in Delhi and it faced a shut down due to Covid-19. Since then we have been committed to make the online ordering experience seamless and easier. 

What is the size of my jewellery ? 

With an R&D of 10 years, we have achieved a standard sizing for all. Maang Tikka and Jhumkie at Prune are standard and fits all, Haath phool are adjustable from hand size 2.2 to 2.10. For bangles and anklets sizes are listed on the website and if they are not in a particular set, we ask them when you place the order with us. Haath Phool rings are also adjustable.   


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