Pink Small Flower Floral Garland (PIFG SB FF)
Pink Small Flower Floral Garland (PIFG SB FF)
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Pink Small Flower Floral Garland (PIFG SB FF)

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Description - An amalgamation of flowers and beads meticulously hand-crafted in India. Fabric flowers sewn with beads in a holy union.

Color - These pictures have been taken in natural light and we have put our best efforts to match them to real product, you are most welcome to check the color with us personally before ordering.

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A Cultural Symbol

The Tradition of Flower Garlands in Indian Weddings

They symbolize love, purity, and happiness, exchanged between the bride and groom as a sign of unity.

The Rise of Flower Garlands in Music Festivals

The use of flower garlands in  reflects a blend of tradition and modernity

Floral garlands have become a staple accessory at the Burning Man festival, symbolizing love and unity among attendees. The desert setting of the festival provides a perfect backdrop for the colorful flowers. Participants often embrace intricate floral garlands to express their creativity and individuality.

The art of making flower garlands has been passed down through generations

Made skillfully, creatively, and in precision. The intricate designs and patterns make each garland unique and special.

Celebrating with Flowers: A Universal Language

Flowers have a universal appeal that transcends boundaries. They evoke feelings of joy, beauty, and connection. Whether in India or elsewhere, flower garlands bring people together in celebration.

The beauty of flower garlands lies in their simplicity and elegance

They are a timeless symbol of love and unity. Whether at a wedding, party, or cultural event, flower garlands continue to captivate and inspire.

For Milni

Milni is a special occasion which is the beginning of all weddings in Hindu, Punjabi, Sikh and Gujarati cultures. The Hindi word ‘Milan’ is derived from a Sanskrit expression meaning “a coming together”, giving the Milni Ceremony its definition as a unification of the two families. 

Men and Women from both families greet each other with Floral Garlands. In Hindu culture it is introduction of same relative from respective sides, Father of the bride greets Father of the groom and goes on for all relationships respectively.

Whether it's for an Indian wedding, a music festival, or a hipster gathering, floral garlands continue to be a symbol of beauty and unity. Their versatility and timeless appeal make them a must-have accessory for any celebration. Embrace the beauty of floral garlands and add a touch of nature to your next event.